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Martingale Collars - New Prices!

Our merger with Genuine Dog Gear has enabled us to offer even better pricing on Sylvans Designer products, particular for the larger sizes. Check it out!

Example of a Martingale

  • Compare our Super Value Pricing - as low as $14.99!
  • Wash & Wear Strength and Durability in 6 Sizes.
  • 100% Guaranteed, even good for chew damage
  • Matching Leashes - Shipped FAST!
  • BUCKLE MARTINGALES available in separate category

About our Martingale Collars

Our Martingale dog collars come in a color for every taste, and a size for every dog. We understand your love for your dog and respect that love by offering you a range of styles and size suited to your dog and your collar preferences.

Because you love your dog, and want a collar that shows that love, our martingale collars are unconditionally guaranteed even for chew damage, and they’re machine washable and color fast too. Our passion for dogs translates into each and every one of our top quality martingales.

Greyhound Martingale Collars

We offer greyhound martingales too, at prices that are affordable and a quality that is durable enough to last for years of everyday use. We also have sizes for other Sight hounds like Whippets and Italian Greyhounds.

For a selection of beautiful padded martingale collar and leash combos, please see our sister site Genuine Dog Gear Martingale Leashes.

If you’d like to see a video about us, and our products, please click this link, American Made Dog Collars.

How to select the correct size for your Martingale Collars

To select the correct collar size, measure your dog's neck. Please don't measure their current collar, or use the stated size from your current collar. You can use a piece of string or tape to measure around your dog's neck, then lay the string on a yard stick to determine the dogs neck measurements.

Martingale collar measurements

11"-15" neck size, 5/8" wide and allows 2.5" of tightening for small to tiny dogs
12"-17" neck size, 3/4" wide and allows 3" of tightening for small dogs
16"-25" neck size, 3/4" wide and allows 3" of tightening for medium to large dogs
15"-21" neck size, 1" wide and allows 4" of tightening for medium to large dogs
16"-25" neck size, 1" wide and allows 4"of tightening for medium to large dogs
21"-34" neck size, 1" wide and allows 4" of tightening for large dogs