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Example of a Hint or Tip

Hint # 32: Stimulate your dog to work faster or harder by occasionally offering higher value rewards for good performance. Dogs can become bored with their treats, so try switching them out for real chicken or cheese. If you're training with toys, try an exciting new buffalo fur toy, or a leather tug toy. If your dog is stimulated by having other dogs around, try training with a friend and their dog. If your dog doesn't like training, keep sessions short and reward afterword with their dinner, going for a walk or playing fetch.

Hint # 13: Overweight dogs suffer from medical problems including early problems with hips and joints. Keep excess weight off your dog with consistent exercise or reducing calorie consumption. Increase exercise slowly for overweight dogs, getting them moving in small ways can make a big difference over time.

Take them to the mailbox when you go, or next door to talk to the neighbor. Walk them to the bus stop to meet the kids or even for a ride in the car. Anything that gets your dog up off the floor and moving will help, and keeping each exercise brief in the beginning will help very overweight dogs adjust to being more active.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to share these hints and tip with you and know you will find them very helpful in solving many common dog training and care issues.

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