About Us

The Sylvan & Sons product line was inspired by the company's name sake yellow Labrador Retriever, Sylvan. Sylvan's legacy was taken up by Labrador Annie, when Sylvan retired to the rainbow bridge in 1998.

It was their dedication, faithfulness and companionship that inspired Sylvan & Sons to create innovative products designed to improve our lives with dogs.

Manufacturing dog and cat collars, leashes, harnesses and collar bows in America for over 20 years Sylvan & Sons has established a strong track record of excellence in product quality and outstanding service to retailers and consumers alike.

Although corporate customers in the past have included most of the big names in pet retailing; New England Serum, PetsMart, Petco, and Pets.com, Sylvan & Sons now sells exclusively to boutique retail and consumer direct websites throughout the world including Canada, Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and many other nations.

Sylvan & Sons first launched Sylvans.net in 1999, to satisfy consumer demand. Following that success, GenuineDogGear.com was created to present the Genuine Dog Gear product line of dog toys, leashes, and supplies for dog training and competition in dog agility, flyball and obedience.

In March, 2014 owner John Pringle purchased the Sylvan & Sons business from founder Linda Martuch. John has managed his own businesses since 1981 and has committed to continue the tradition of quality, American made products and superior customer services that Linda Martuch had established.

John is also a enthusiastic owner of dogs - and several other pets - from way back. John lives in Port Orange with his wife Deb, son Dakota (a/k/a "Koda") and daughter Skye. The family also includes Toby, a chocolate Labrador (named for Toblerone) and Vander, a boxer named for Evander Holyfield.